Pizza Grilling

Never put off until tomorrow the pizza you can grill today.


Jack’s® Guide to Grilling Pizza

Grilling JACK’S Pizza is EASY.

A guide to grilling? Really? Yes, really. Because if you want that 100% real Wisconsin cheese to melt perfectly and our one-of-a-kind Jack's crust to come off the grill with just the right amount of crunch, there's not much room for error. Rest assured, Jack's got your back.

Grilling temperature


Keep the lid closed to fast-track the preheating. And yes, you’ve gotta use a gas grill—it’s the only way to ensure your Jack’s is cooked to perfection.

Place frozen pizza on the grill rack

Place frozen pizza on the grill rack.

We know you’re eager to serve some piping hot slices of pizza, but don’t put that pizza on the grill until you’ve removed the plastic and cardboard.

Oh, and be sure your pizza doesn’t thaw!

Grilling timer


No need to dirty a tray for this pizza—you can grill your Jack’s directly on the rack. How long to keep it on there depends on the variety.

12–15 minutes
  • Cheese
  • Canadian Bacon
  • Sausage
  • Spicy Italian
  • Sausage & Pepperoni
  • Half Pepperoni & Half Cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • Chicken Supreme
  • Bacon Cheeseburger
  • Hamburger
15-18 minutes
  • Supreme
  • Mexican
Rotate the pizza after seven minutes so it cooks evenly.
Check for doneness

Check for doneness.

No, that doesn’t mean you should take a bite. Check to see if the pizza has reached 160° F. You’re also looking for melty cheese and a dark crust—darker than an oven-baked pizza.

Remove pizza from grill

Remove pizza from grill.


Alright, you’re in the home stretch. Pull your pizza off the grill with a spatula and let it cool for five minutes before digging in. No use in burning off your taste buds, right?


Now that your pizza is ready, round it out with a quick salad or some fresh fruit for a balanced meal. 

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