Frequently Asked Questions

When life gives you a pre-heated oven, make pizza.


Can we grill our Jack's pizza?

Visit for instructions on grilling all of the Jack's Original flavors, as well as a great step by step instructional video.

What varieties of Jack's pizza can I cook on the grill?

The instructions at can be used when grilling all Jack's Original pizzas. However, we do not recommend grilling any other varieties, such as Naturally Rising or Pizza Fries.

How long do you cook a Jack's pizza?

Baking time varies by pizza type. Refer to the Cooking Instructions page here on or your packaging for full instructions. You can also call us at 1-800-213-1975 for help.

What temperature do I cook Jack's pizza?

Our pizzas should be cooked at 425 degrees Fahrenheit, while our pizza fries should be cooked at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Our cooking instructions page contains full details.

Where can I buy a Jack's pizza near me?

Please visit our Where to Buy page to find a store near you.

Does Jack's pizza have gluten in it?

Jack's pizzas do contain gluten. We do not have a gluten free pizza at this time.

How many calories are in a Jack's pizza?

All nutritional information can be found on the back of your favorite Jack's pizza, or here on

How many servings are in a Jack's pizza?

The serving size can be found on the back of your favorite Jack's pizza, or on the product's detail page here on

How big is a Jack's pizza?

Jack's pizzas are 11.5 inches in diameter.

Where is Jack's pizza made?

Our pizza is made at one of our amazing pizza plants in Wisconsin! Learn more about how Jack's has been making pizza for over half a century.

Where did Jack's pizza originate?

Jack's Pizza began as a carryout pizza business in Little Chute, Wisconsin in the early 1960s. Founded by Jack Elrick, the pizza's mild sauce and tasty Wisconsin cheese made it a local favorite.

Can I cook a frozen Jack's pizza in the microwave?

We don't recommend cooking your Jack's pizza in the microwave. To achieve the perfect pizza, refer to our Cooking Instructions or follow the directions on the package.